Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For the Kids

After a two week hiatus, we are back.  My apologies to everyone who hasn't seen pictures of Isla for a while.  Rest assured, she is still cute as ever and growing bigger everyday.  Isla got to meet her cousin Elijah and all her Borowicz aunties.  She enjoyed an awesome party that her Grandma Jan threw her.  As usual, the McNett girls put together an amazing gift for Isla!  They are truly the sweetest and most creative people I've ever met.  

Henna is enjoying her new summer look.  After spending 4 1/2 in the doggie day spa, Henna came out looking more spry and less hairy than ever.  

This was a big weekend for us.  On Saturday we took Isla to the bowling alley for the first time so she could attend the Second Chance at Life Bowlarama.  Consequently, she also had her first exposure to Second Hand Smoke.  On Sunday, we were at the Townsend for Yatooma's Foundation for the Kids event.  Dave was nice enough to watch Isla and her cousin Sophia at the same time so I could go down to the event and eat dinner.  He managed pretty well with a seven week old and a seven month old.  Dave maintains the title of best babysitter and was awarded with the most expensive chicken fingers and fries he's ever eaten.


  1. so cute! love her baby legs! :) she is the prettiest girl...can't wait to see her!

  2. Thx for the update!! Give Isla kisses from me =)

  3. I can't believe I just figured out you had a blog! I'm adding you to my friends list, so I can get here easier. :) Isla is just beautiful and I've loved catching up with you guys and her through this. Hope you are all doing well. Would love to talk to you sometime soon. :)