Thursday, April 22, 2010

Turn Around

Bright Eyes! You get to sit facing forward in your car seat because you're 1 year old and 20 lbs. Wahoooooo!

Yesterday was Isla's first birthday. I made her spaghetti. She slurped each noodle one by one and smacked her lips with each bite. She loved it. Have you ever seen a cuter face? We went to the doctor today for her one year "well child" (notice "child" not "baby" anymore...sad) visit. She was a peach. She got a shot in each leg, but took it like a champ. She even blew kisses to the doctor as we were leaving the office. She's 29 in tall which puts her in the 58% - she must have gotten the height from her daddy's side. Her head circumference is 18 inches which puts her in the 74% - I'm assuming her head is so big from all the praise we give her all the time about being so stinkin cute. 20 lbs is the 30%, but its good enough to be turned around in her car seat. In any event, she's healthy, happy and a huge pasta lover. We are more in love with her each day, and so glad that she likes carbs like we do.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our little tax deduction

Happy Tax Day! April 15 is a big day for several reasons. In my area of law, we do a lot of taxes (mostly for trusts or decedent's estates). Its definitely not my forte. I became a lawyer because I'm terrible at science and math. Nevertheless, my practice has thrown me into the tax world which I suppose forces me to work on my weaknesses. My father-in-law, Joe, is an amazingly talented tax preparer. He works non-stop from January through April. So today, we can breathe a bit of fresh air knowing the most "taxing" part of the year is behind us. Also in the news, my sister-in-law Kate, who happens to work with Joe, is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday cutie.

Our little 2009 tax deduction is growing faster than ever. I'm hoping that she'll get the gift of math and science that I never had.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Coming Up For Air

Whew. A brief breakdown of the past 2 weeks. We moved. We dyed Easter Eggs & celebrated Good Friday. We went on an Easter Egg Hunt. Isla found one egg which we furiously photographed. We watched Michigan State lose to Butler. We celebrated Easter. We watched Butler lose to Duke. We hosted 11 overnight guests in 4 days.

Here are some photos from all of the above.
Our massive moving trailer
(actual size = 5' x 8')
A few of the moving men
(not pictured, Greg Yatooma, Leslie & Michelle Mitzel and Melanie Mayer)
A big thanks to all who helped!
We dyed 12 dozen eggs.
We will be eating them until next Easter.
Brooke nearly looked like a Smurf by the time we were done,
but she has excellent taste in colors.
Dana & Wuzzle went the sterile route and wore gloves.
Do their eyebrows look great or what?
Nothing beats playing "eye eye ide" with Poppy
Chris, the Gentle Chaldean Giant, & sweet Abigail
Elaine & Logan looking fab in their Matilda Jane gear
Cutie Yatooma Sisters.
They are hoping for another sister any day now.
I can't resist cute buns.
Hopefully they won't hate me when they are older.
The one and only egg Isla found.

World's Greatest Sorority
(for those of you looking at my stomach, No, I'm not pregnant.
I just wear clothes that are way too tight and far less flattering post-baby.)
Happy Easter.