Thursday, February 11, 2010

Up, Hi

Isla thinks it is the most fun thing in the world to go up the stairs. She knows (or at least we think she knows) that she's not supposed to go up the stairs by herself. She hasn't really mastered coming down the stairs, so we worry that she might fall. And with the cute nose that she was fortunately born with, we don't want to take any chances with plastic surgery in the event of an accident. Once we "catch" her, she starts laughing hysterically and tries to go up the stairs even faster. She might even say "hi," but will keep going until she reaches the top. Thank goodness she's cute.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

To experience love...

I sometimes ponder why God made us and why he put us here. I know others may have their own opinions, but I personally have come to the conclusion that God has put us here to experience love in one way or another.

This past Sunday, we dedicated Isla to the Lord. We had her dedicated publicly at our church, and then had an intimate dedication at home. We are committing to raise her to know the Lord, to honor the Lord, to love the Lord and to love others. Not that I didn't experience love before Isla was born, but since she has come into our lives, we have experienced love on a whole new level. We have experienced God's love for us more than ever, and we hope that we show God's love to Isla in the way that we love her and love others.

I though it would be cute to photograph her with a Bible.
She ended up tearing a page or two, so I guess
we will have to fill in the blanks when she gets to that part.

What a precious gift the Lord has given us.
We are so grateful for the gift of Love.