Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Celebrity Somewhere

Our little family

Not pictured here are the invisible dolphins

Cute Goad Family

Just one of many fish caught that day

Cute little sprout Brooke

Megan's smile + Diet Coke = Happiness

Heidi's amazing French Toast...makes me hungry to think about it.

The Cain Family

Jay and Kim
My sister Dana once said that "everyone is a celebrity somewhere." For her, it was mostly the beauty salon. For the Borowicz Family, its the West side of Michigan. I'm not saying that we are celebrities, but we are certainly in high demand as far as visiting with friends and family. We feel so blessed that people like us enough to want to see us.

We arrived on Friday evening at the Cain's house. We met up with Jay (one of Dave's good friends from the 'Ville) and his new fiance, Kim. We ate pizza and hung out with the Cain family and the happy new couple to catch up on old times. I used to babysit for Maddie and Patrick and now Maddie is such a big girl she could probably babysit for Isla.

After leaving the Cains, we picked up Megan from the train station. We were so late that the station attendant asked her if she needed a ride (sorry Megan). We returned to the DeKorne's and had some extremely tasty guacamole thanks to Mark's excellent culinary skills and fine chopping. Heidi made some french toast for breakfast the next morning which the ladies enjoyed while the boys golfed. Dana, Matt and Brooke came over to enjoy some fishing and partake in some Honey Baked Ham.

We met the Riebel boys for lunch on Sunday. Austin had the three boys while Amy was out of town, such a good daddy. I have to say it was pretty remarkable that we went to a restaurant with 6 children and we didn't really scare anyone away. After lunch, we headed to the Goads so they could meet Isla. Their two babies, Jack and Ellie, are super cute, but I guess they're not really babies anymore. Time flies!

After enjoying a relaxing kayak trip on the river, we ate some Jack's pizza, watched Confessions of a Shopaholic, posted a Craigslist ad for a magical Seadoo with invisible dolphins, watched some YouTube and hit the sack. Dave took Megan to her train at 5:30 a.m. on Monday morning (kudos to both of them for dragging themselves out of bed.) The Borowicz crew headed back to the East side later that morning to get back to reality. Our celebrity status was good while it lasted. Many thanks to all our adoring fans.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Just a few Pics

A little teaser until I can post a proper blog update.

Monday, July 13, 2009


She's hooked.

Desperate Housewives: Grand Rapids, The Sequel

Well, yet another weekend where I was abandoned by roommates (who also happen to be my husband and my cousin) and left to "man" the house and kids (Isla and Henna) on my own. I decided to head out to Grand Rapids in an effort to experience another weekend of a Kent County wife. I arrived at Dana & Matt's to eat Qdoba, watch a couple episodes of Property Virgins and hit the sack. Although Isla only got up once that night, Henna was up all night long pacing and thrashing into walls.

I left Henna with the Vanders and headed out to Grand Haven to go boating with the Riebels. Amy and I sipped beers on the beach while watching the boys play in the water. The sun was hot, the water was luke, and the beer was tasty. It couldn't have been a better afternoon.

I headed back to the Vanders determined to drive home that night so Henna (and I) would both get a better nights sleep. As it turns out, it was the greatest night of sleep yet! Isla slept through the night for the first time. She went down at about 9:30 and slept all the way until 6:00 am! Henna was a bit more calm which made for a fantastic evening. There are several people I'd like to thank for helping me and Isla accomplish this monumental milestone:

First, Dana & Matt for convincing me to spend the night, being such hospitable hosts and for our beautiful accommodations.
Second, Johnson & Johnson for the Sleepy Time Bath and Body Lotion. I'm totally a believer.
Third, the Riebels for allowing us to take in so much fresh air and sunshine leaving us a bit more tired than usual.
Fourth, Henna for being a great example to Isla of sleeping nearly 20 hours a day.
And last, but certainly not least, to Isla. Thanks for letting your mom get some rest.

Another successful weekend of Desperate Housewives: Grand Rapids. Stay tuned for the next edition. Who knows what could happen next time!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Progress with the Bumbo

Much happier than the day before.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

The crew is here! Not only is all of the Borowicz clan in town for the 4th, but so are all the dogs. Last night, Chef Arthur fired up some Beer Butt Chickens. He was assisted by his soux chef, Shannon, who assisted in the delicate transfer of the chickens off of the cans and on to the carving board. All of the dogs stood by anxiously in hope that a morsel of the juicy goodness would fall to the floor, but no such luck. Viky and Greg took the dogs outside to distract them a bit. Who are all the dogs you may ask, well here goes. 1st, you have Henna, THE Dorm mascot and resident elderly female. Then there is Bailey, the Borowicz family dog who is 65 pounds but still thinks of himself as a lap dog. The largest is Rembrandt, Chris and Carrie's strapping black lab. And last but certainly not least are "the girls," Sadie Roo and Belle. Palin, Jason and Shannon's cat was also present but is not pictured because we were unable to lure her from under the bed....I guess having 5 dogs in one house kind of freaks out a cat.