Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hotel for Dogs

The crew is here! Not only is all of the Borowicz clan in town for the 4th, but so are all the dogs. Last night, Chef Arthur fired up some Beer Butt Chickens. He was assisted by his soux chef, Shannon, who assisted in the delicate transfer of the chickens off of the cans and on to the carving board. All of the dogs stood by anxiously in hope that a morsel of the juicy goodness would fall to the floor, but no such luck. Viky and Greg took the dogs outside to distract them a bit. Who are all the dogs you may ask, well here goes. 1st, you have Henna, THE Dorm mascot and resident elderly female. Then there is Bailey, the Borowicz family dog who is 65 pounds but still thinks of himself as a lap dog. The largest is Rembrandt, Chris and Carrie's strapping black lab. And last but certainly not least are "the girls," Sadie Roo and Belle. Palin, Jason and Shannon's cat was also present but is not pictured because we were unable to lure her from under the bed....I guess having 5 dogs in one house kind of freaks out a cat.

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