Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our little tax deduction

Happy Tax Day! April 15 is a big day for several reasons. In my area of law, we do a lot of taxes (mostly for trusts or decedent's estates). Its definitely not my forte. I became a lawyer because I'm terrible at science and math. Nevertheless, my practice has thrown me into the tax world which I suppose forces me to work on my weaknesses. My father-in-law, Joe, is an amazingly talented tax preparer. He works non-stop from January through April. So today, we can breathe a bit of fresh air knowing the most "taxing" part of the year is behind us. Also in the news, my sister-in-law Kate, who happens to work with Joe, is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday cutie.

Our little 2009 tax deduction is growing faster than ever. I'm hoping that she'll get the gift of math and science that I never had.

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