Monday, May 3, 2010

By Land or By Sea

We have a little park across the street from our house with a petting zoo. Its darling and its free (which makes it even more exciting). I took Isla there the other day so she could get a little taste of the country life.

Her and the sheep both turned for the camera
Farmer Debbie approached us to tell us all about the farm and the animals. She gave us our own private tour of the chicken coupe and explained the difference between roosters and hens. It was quite enlightening. I mean, who knew that Hens ovulate every 23 hours and that you only need the Rooster if you want baby chicks? Well, I didn't.

Farmer Debbie held Isla for a picture.
They really bonded.
These were some of the hens. We picked our own organic eggs right there!
Whole Foods has nothin' on Farmer Debbie.
After our tour of the farm we went over to the playground. Isla didn't really want to go on the swings, but settled to stand at the fence and watch all the other kids. Cutie.
She wore her Zebra shorts so that the animals would know she's pet-friendly
She picked flowers
And then tried to make it into jewelry....
I love a girl who knows how to accessorize.
The eggs we got were actually blue.
I left the hay on there for authenticity purposes.
...and then I made chickens in a basket the next morning
(thanks to my brother-in-law Art for the recipe).
They were de-lish!

The next day we headed out to Poppy & Bebe's house to enjoy a day on the water. Poppy even made Isla's favorite smoothie. She sucked down that whole cup in less than 2 minutes.
Grandma Jan came along for the 1st boat ride of the season.
Testing out her sea legs
Isla and Vivian are 2 months apart.
They ended up wearing matching outfits without even calling ahead to coordinate.
Are the hats killer or what?
Bebe and her sweeties
Hopefully this weekend was just the beginning of a great, hot summer!


  1. Ok, I laughed out loud at the farmer and Isla picture. This was a great post too...beautiful picture of you and your little girl too. She is so cute in her big white hat. :)

  2. That Farmer Debbie picture is the greatest thing I've ever seen. Right up there with those zebra shorts. Sigh. I really need a girl...

  3. that made me laugh out loud, also. you are funny. you are doing such a good job blogging! i'm very proud. :) mark would LOVE those eggs in a basket things. make please. love YOU!!!!!!

  4. that pic of Isla standing is one of my all-time favs of her! what a doll!!

    is she laughing or crying with Farmer Debbie? I can't really figure out the expression on either of their faces.