Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big Glen

Last summer we didn't get out too much. Besides the fact that Isla was an infant, we had no decent weather to speak of. This summer, we are gettin' out! In fact, over the next two months, there may only be a few weekends that we actually will be in town (so please forgive prolonged blog gaps).

This weekend, we went up to Glen Lake with the crew we refer to as the "DeClOomaWiczs." A mini Taylor graduate clan that just can't stand to be apart. De=DeKornes: Mark & Heidi, Ava, Kaiya & Reese. Cl = Clark. Megan Clark (see previous post for her availability). Ooma = Yatooma. Greg & Viky (Viky's not yet a Yatooma, but we're keeping our fingers crossed). Wicz = Borowicz. No further explanation needed.

Mark's family has a place on Glen Lake with a view that is nothing short of breathtaking. Traditions include weenie roasts, tot runs, boat rides, numerous passes by Inspiration Point and Dave's homemade donuts. This year, Mark convinced most of us to compete in the M22 Challenge (details to follow in a subsequent post), which was reason enough to get to spend 3 days in Northern Michigan.

The Golden Girls
Ava is donning a custom dishrag skirt.
Kaiya, Goldilocks, happy to be the only little and big sister in the family.
Oh Baby Reese.
Nothing like a nap on an afternoon cruise.

You don't get much cuter than girls with their daddy's.
Rather than catching a fish,
Ava was trying to teach Kaiya how to fish.
You know, the old fashion way of trying to convince
fish to swim into your sand bucket.

The Athletes.
Heidi was nice enough to babysit ALL 4 children.
Dave photographed the event.
We discovered that our little island girl may be a misnomer.
She hates the water and the sand.
She prefers the dock.
Doesn't our hair look great?
Even though the weather wasn't perfect, it was still good enough to spend great time with great friends. Thanks for a great time at Glen Lake!


  1. Great pictures!! Especially the one of Isla at the end... that's a framer!! Everything about it is gorgeous, particularly your sweet girl. (Please tell her that she and I would get along very well... I prefer the dock too.) Glad you had such a great weekend. Your friendships are so special. :)

  2. You DeClOomaWiczs are too fun. Love seeing all the pictures from your weekend together. And your little island girl is just as cute on the dock as she would be in the sand!

  3. I can't believe how long her hair is getting! Can't wait to see her! ( And her mom and dad too)

  4. Precious! And Isla can always hang out with me on the dock...I'm all for avoiding sand in the crack any day! Thanks for a great weekend. Love you!

  5. Your get togethers always make me smile! You guys know how to have fun and the food always looks good. :) Isla is a doll and getting so big!