Wednesday, October 27, 2010

30 Going on Forever 21

Well it happened about a month ago.  I turned 30.  My adoring husband threw me an awesome birthday party.  He cleaned the whole house, got a babysitter for Isla, attended to our guests and he even brought in Brown & White Productions to DJ the event (and yes...they are available to provide entertainment for your next special event.)  It was spectacular.  We played Minute to Win It games and watched the MSU game.  Best of all, I didn't clean anything up because on top of being my usual nausea, I also had the stomach flu.  Thank goodness for my sister Melanie and my great friends for cleaning the whole kitchen.  What a treat!

 A big thanks to Greg (a/k/a Brown) 
for his assistance with the Minute to Win it Games.
 The usual suspects
 Norm trying to get a card to stick in the watermelon
 Do I have attractive friends or what?

 It's not as easy as it looks
 Can you handle the intensity?

*For the sake of discretion, I omitted a few pictures of Kate and Carrie who are by far the most fierce competitors when it comes to "Junk in the Trunk."  Just take my word for it.  You will lose against either of them.  Whether they are pregnant or not.  

We talked....
and laughed....
And this is how I ended the night. 

In addition to having the greatest party ever surrounded by the nicest people ever, I also got some awesome gifts.  I got a total of $250 to Forever 21!  I could practically buy the whole store.  Thanks to all who helped and attended and to my sweet Dave for throwing me an awesome party.  I've never felt so loved.  

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  1. I hate that you were sick at your own party! So glad you were able to get so much love from Forever 21. And the first line of this post made me laugh out loud. Love you and that was the most fun celebration ever!