Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've Got 2 Kids

It seems pretty strange to say "kids."  Since I was pretty sure we were having a girl (and since I've always had sisters), I catch myself saying "the girls" sometimes.  But Cruz is ALL boy.  And he's getting big, fast. And Isla's getting bigger, faster.  Its all a bit much for me to see my babies grow up so fast.  I'd like them to stay babies and not be big kids.  Mostly because I never want them to leave me, but also because I kind of want to avoid the whole sassy phase.  I mean, I personally never put my parents through that phase.  I was a perfect child ;)

I'd like to use the "I've got 2 kids" line as an excuse as to why I haven't blogged in so long.  But I  know it will sound pretty pathetic because most of you reading this blog have AT LEAST that many kids.  

Below are pictures from a 4 day time period over Easter Weekend.

It started with Isla's 2nd Birthday Party on Thursday
Lots of people came, ate food and gave her beautiful presents.
The kids had an Easter Egg game.
Grandma Jan manned the infants.

This was the only picture I managed to get with Isla and her cake.
But I'm sure there's video.
 The next day, Good Friday, we dyed Easter Eggs.
I told my mom we shouldn't do as many as we did last year, but she didn't listen
Brookie and Isla decided to go skins
After we dyed Easter Eggs, we went to my cousin Jeff's house for another Easter Egg Hunt and lovely Good Friday family fellowship with family and the Schoenherrs.

The following day, we went to another Easter Egg hunt at The Club.*
*NOTE: we are not Country Club people.  Not to hate on anyone who is.  
My mom just has a social membership so we can go to cute stuff there twice a year.
Why are his glasses so big?
I may have overdone it on the Shimmer Brick
but most of the time its magical.
"I found it"
These two peas in a pod are so darling.
They really do love each other as much as it looks like in the pictures.

Jenna's sitting position kills me.
Reminds me of my Sitto.
Checking out the spoils.
A partial family picture
Oh, are you wondering what's on Isla's face?
Her dad thought it'd be cute to put one of those temporary tatoos on her cheek.
Real cute.
An attempted shot with Bebe and Poppy
Two of the sweetest ladies you will ever meet
with two of the cutest babies around.

The following day was Easter Sunday.
I'm ashamed to admit that we didn't even make it to church because both of the kids had colds and couldn't go into nursery.
This was the only picture I got of Isla in her Easter dress, but its a cute one.
Grandma Jan made baskets for the kids. Yippee!
Is this a cute pic or what
Sweet babies. One month apart.
She's older.
In case you are confused, the one on the right is mine.
But doesn't the one on the left (sweet Mary Helen) look like she should be mine?

So that was one fun-filled, exhausting, but fabulous long weekend with family...and my 2 kids.


  1. you wouldn't even understand what it's like to have 3 kids. believe me. :) love these pictures and seeing all the events i heard about in color. looks fabulous. and tiring. :) love you!

  2. Wow! I feel tired just reading about all of that. Loved seeing all the pics, your kids ARE getting big! Wait, that means mine are too. Darn. Thx for letting us share in some of the Easter festivities, we had a fun weekend. Hope the kids stay healthy for a while =)

  3. I've got two kids seems like a perfectly reasonable excuse not to blog. I mean, I only have one, and I've used that excuse plenty — for both not blogging and not getting around to commenting on anyone's blogs in ages. :)

    Cruz is SO cute. Do you love having a boy? And Isla looks so grown up suddenly. Pretty, pretty girl!