Monday, August 15, 2011

Sixty and goin strong

We like to party.  And with a three month old and a two year old, let me tell you, we are a BLAST.  But we had reason to celebrate because my favorite mother-in-law turned 60 on June 16.  You would never know she's 60.  She's beautiful, talented, strong and has more energy than I could ever dream of having.  

 Did I mention creative?  And she passed it along to her kiddos.
She painted the striped board on the left.  Dave did the one on the right.  
They were a big hit.
 4 of Jan's 7 siblings.
So if you're better at math than I am, that means her parents had 8 kids. 8.
 These two sweethearts just celebrated 42 years of marriage.

 My sweet sis-in-law Kate created a book for Jan entitled 
"If You Give My Mom A Project"
It included pictures of the NUMEROUS projects she has helped all of us with and things that we love about her.  A few of mine included being thankful for her margaritas and counting out loud while measuring cups of flour for cookies.  Pearls I tell you.
 Jason and Shannon joined via Skype from New Zealand (and announced they are having a baby!)
 Wahoo!  Welcome to the smoothie movement!
 A heart to heart with sweet Grandpa John.
 The immediate fam spent the night and we went to the park and hung out on the back patio.  It was a wonderful day.  So thankful for this lovely lady and all that she has given to us.  
Happy 60th Mom.

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