Monday, March 8, 2010

Here Comes Trouble

Our baby girl is getting to be a big girl. Less than 2 months away from her first birthday, she is getting bigger everyday. We moved her out of the infant carrier and into a big girl car seat. I've been having some terrible headaches lately which the doctor thinks may be caused by tension in my neck. Carrying around the "infant carrier" with a baby that is almost 19 pounds certainly wasn't helping, so we were all thrilled for the transition.

We have been dog-sitting my cousin's dog, Rembrandt, for the past week. We love him and so does Isla. Its great to have a dog around again. Timmy came over on Thursday night. Unlce Dave, Uncle Greg and Uncle Peter watched both kids. Apparently, they all ate puffs off the floor.

Isla thought the performance was deserving of applause.

The Betancourts came over on Saturday. Grandma Jan loves holding both her grandbabies, but they are about 22 pounds heavier than they were last May. Good thing she works out :)


  1. Adorable! Rembrandt was lucky to have such food dropping company. :) Isla looks so pretty in her red bow!!

  2. oooh, those turned out great! will you send them to me?