Monday, March 15, 2010

The Mickey Mouse Club

I learned to spell my last name, Mitzel (well I guess its my "maiden name" now) to the tune of the Mickey Mouse Club themesong. Come on, you know it, "M-I-C", "see ya real soon," "K-E-Y," "why, because we like you," "M-O-U-S-E." We put "Mitzel" where "Mickey" was, but you get the idea. Anyhow, Isla got an early birthday gift from Grammie VanderLann. A set of 12 little Mickey Mouse books. Its kind of nostalgic to think that Isla will enjoy the same mouse I grew up to know and love.

Mickey Mouse is the ONLY mouse that I like (other than Minnie of course). Today, Kate and Elijah came over to play for a bit before they had to pick Art up from the airport. While we were downstairs, Elijah was playing with Isla's Mickey books. As I walked over to the counter, all of the sudden I saw a mouse on the counter...and it was not Mickey (or Minnie). So I did what any rational person would do. I screamed bloody murder, told Kate to grab Elijah, and began running for my life. Our cleaners were upstairs and they rushed down to the main floor to ensure that in fact no one had been murdered. I called Greg and asked who I should call, I was thinking 911. I then tried calling Eradico, but there was no answer. In the midst of my calling frenzy, Kate said, "Nin, do you want me to go down there and catch it?" What? Are you freaking kidding me? Yes, of course, but seriously? I asked her if she needed a baseball bat or a gun or something. She said the only thing she needed was a garbage can and bag. Tammy went down with Kate and together, they captured the furry invader. While Kate intended to kill the rodent (which was my preference), Tammy decided to go the humanitarian route and release him back into the wild (the other side of the wetlands of West Bloomfield). Many, many thanks to Kate and Tammy. You are my heros.

Several hours later, I was still shaking at the thought of having seen a mouse in our tidy little house. Even though he's gone, I'm still quite traumatized. Nevertheless, I'm still a Mousekateer at heart. But, I prefer all mice in animated format.


  1. hilarious. i loved this post :) maybe if you kept a cleaner house this wouldnt happen!!

  2. I would Freak. Out. You are lucky to have such brave friends!

  3. ahhhh what fun. wish we could come over more often =) on better terms, of course! (for me & you!)