Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Real Nice Time

The last time Dave and I went on a vacation was when I was still pregnant with Isla.  So we figured, what the heck, I'm pregnant again, let's go on vacation.  It also helped that my mom blessed us with her timeshare, so we could go without having to sell anything.  

We headed to Pompano Beach, Florida with a few of our besties, the DeKornes.  We flew into Ft. Lauderdale at about 11pm.  Because our flight was a little late, the car rental place cancelled our reservation.  Seriously.  Aren't planes late all the time.  Thank goodness for Mark.  He landed us a sweet minivan around 1am.  We arrived at our accommodations a little after 2 am (there may have been a brief stop at Taco Bell...obviously, I did not participate.)  I was thirsty, shocking, but the water was a little weird for my taste.  So Dave and I headed to WalMart and got a few things.  I think we made it to bed by about 4am.  A few hours later we woke up and got pedicures.
 We celebrated by putting our toes in the water.
That was pretty much as far as Heidi and I got into the pool.
We needed sun more than anything.
 That night we drove down to Miami to see our buddy Laz.
His cute wife, Maria, is pregnant with their first baby.
The child is bound to be an amazing public speaker and athlete.
 The next night, we went and had dinner at this great little place by the beach.

 Steamed mussels.  Delish.
 We woke up the next morning at 5 a.m. to make the 4 hour car ride to Key West.
It was our first time to Key West.  Dave was so excited he could barely sleep.
He provided storytelling accompanied by Jimmy Buffett music the whole way down.
 We stopped in Islamorada and picked up a few of these buoys.
We have them hanging at various places in our house.
For those of you who thought they were a temporary Christmas decoration, you were mistaken.
 During one of our stops, Mark left his phone on the roof of the car.
You can imagine what happened when we got back on the road.
He got a new phone, free of charge, the next day.
You know, manufacturing defect.
 At last we had arrived at the original Margaritaville, Key West.
 We ate at this place called Caroline's Cafe.
I love this picture of Dave because this is pretty much how happy he was the whole time we were there.
 This is us at the beach.
Toes in the water, toes in the Key West!
I've spared you all of the pictures of me in a bathing suit while pregnant.
Be grateful.
 Seriously, is Dave a hot dude or what?

 Sunset in Mallory Square.
Pardon my multiple chins.

 After sunset, we went down to Capt. Tony's.
Everyone had some Pirate's Punch.
Everyone except me of course, I drove most of the way home.

 You can imagine all the fun we had together.
It was a real nice time.  With some real nice people.
Hope to do it again soon (and perhaps while neither me nor Heidi is pregnant).


  1. What a fun trip! It was fun to hear about what you did and see pics. That's so fun that you saw Laz and Maria too. I can't believe they are going to have a baby! So fun! You are beautiful as always. :)