Sunday, January 2, 2011

Giving Thanks

You may be thinking to yourself, that's a great title, but seems more suitable for Thanksgiving.  Well that's about the last time I posted.  So yep, these are just a few pics from Thanksgiving.  I've been terrible about taking pictures lately.  Here's what's not pictured in this post: 1) The amazing Thanksgiving dinner that Jan prepared. 2) The efforts it took to remove the make-up from the clown. 3) Our trip to Frankenmuth with the Yatooma, Geha, Mitzel, Mayer, get the picture, Crew. 4) Mitzel Thanksgiving that occurred the week before (that's right, we celebrate 3 times).  What is pictured?  Isla's cuteness.
Her cute little Elmo hoodie from Grandma Jan

 My mom is very proud to be in the Designated Clown Corps at the Annual Detroit Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Every year she PAYS to get up at the crack of dawn and hands out thousands of beads to onlookers.  She wanted Isla to see her in full costume.  They exchanged a few beads and a bump.  The next hour was spent trying to remove the make-up.
 Thankfully, Isla likes baby dolls.  When she puts them to bed, its more like just throwing them on the ground.  We are hoping she's a bit more gentle with her new sibling.
 Checkin out the adds for Black Friday.
I don't think either of them actually ventured out to shop.
The traditional food coma after the amazing meal.

We really are grateful for so much.
Jesus's many blessings, a wonderful family, the best friends anyone could ask for and health.
Next year I'll try to post during the same year.

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