Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The First Thanksgiving

I think I've mentioned before that we celebrate Thanksgiving three times.  That's just how much we love food.  We celebrated our first Thanksgiving with the Mitzels at Melanie's house.  Dana had sworn off day trips for nearly an entire year, so she even decided to make a surprise visit.  Everyone was thrilled.  My aunt Linda was bound and determined to get a picture with all of the children together.  She even threatened to wake them up from naps if necessary.  She's intense, I know.

My buddy sported a party cardi
 The kids pictures.  Total framers.
 From left to right
Carson, Timmy, Deven, Delaney, Bella, Julianna
Cruz, Isla, Megan, Brooke and Jenna 
(having a slight meltdown because we woke her from her nap)

 We tried to grab a family pic while we all looked decent
They always turn out so well
 And here's the whole Mitzel fam.
Well, not ALL the Mitzel's - Brian, Steven and Uncle Rick were on their way back from a hunting trip up north, Troy and Jason were in Ohio, and Dave was taking the picture.
They are one sweet family.  And I mean that.  They are the only people I know who consider Jello a side dish instead of a dessert.  Stay tuned for at least two more Thanksgiving celebrations.


  1. i'll take cruz's outfit, please. darling pictures! and way to go on halloween costume. i know it took a lot for you. i can't wait to watch you continue to parent. :)

  2. Those pics of Isla holding cruz are just killing me!! So cute. LOVE that cardigan!