Monday, November 21, 2011

Elmo, Jenna and Ugly Christmas Outfits

We went to Grand Rapids a couple of weeks ago to celebrate Jenna's second birthday.  Hard to believe that this lil' darlin' is already two. She is such a sweet little lady and she loves Elmo.  I mean, he's lovable too, so no wonder their a good pair.  My whole fam was crashing Dana's house, so we all stayed with Kate and Art.  We had a GREAT time.  Art feeds us amazing food and Kate shares all of her amazing craft stuff with me.  We also shared germs.  Lots and lots of germs.  Me and the kids had sinus infections, so we were sure to snot all over their lovely home.  Thanks for putting up with us guys :)

The Sesame Street pre-show started at 9:30 a.m.  Dana wanted to make sure we would be there on time.  I don't know why she was nervous about me being late :)  For the record, we were ready to go at 9:00 a.m. And then Dana texted and said she didn't think the kids would make it through the pre-show and the real show.  Good call.  But for the record, we were ready.

Elijah and Isla passed time waiting to leave.
We decided to park in an $8 lot.  Problem was neither me nor Kate carries cash (woman after my own heart).  So we counted every last dime in the van and our purses, literally, and made it in time to see the characters heading to the stage.

Kuddos to Dana for bringing her own light up bracelets and neckalaces.
The kids LOVED IT

The lighting was too good to pass up for photos
I love this picture because that is how happy they were
My little lady
A big thanks to my friend Courtney for giving Isla this darling coat.
Man I love having friends with good taste.
I know she looks a little sad in this picture, but I love that pouty face.
And turn that frown upside down.
Its party time!

Cruz rocked his hat...and a flower bib.
At least its better than the princess ones.

The cake was as good as it looks.
Really looking forward to those cake balls Dana.
Isla chose an Oscar the Grouch cupcake.  Interesting selection.
Poor Cruz, he didn't stand a chance in the princess's castle
My mom is really sweet.  She is one of the few people I know who actually celebrates EVERY holiday.  Even Sweetest Day.  She usually tries to buy the kids Christmas clothes for Sweetest Day.  I use the word try because we've had to reject a good batch for reasons which you will see below.  Really sweet mom.  You know I love you.  And some other kid will really love these outfits once they get them from Goodwill.

In all fairness, the girls actually LOVED the outfits.
If you see these outfits at your local resale shop, be sure to send my mom a thank you note.

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  1. Looks like lots of fun! You have a darling family. Miss you and someday I'll get to actually meet those kids in person :)