Monday, December 12, 2011

The Second Thanksgiving

Ding.  Round Two.  Actual Thanksgiving.

My mom is a member of the Distinguished Clown Corps in the Detroit Thanksgiving Day parade.  We decided that this would be a great year to take Isla to see her because the weather forecast looked quite promising.  So Dave and I took Isla and Elijah down to the parade for some good ole' Detroit fun.  

We waited in the grandstands for a long time thinking it was going to warm up any minute.
Elijah was a really good sport and was totally sweet and cuddly.
 After sitting in the grandstands for almost an hour with no movement,
we ditched the high class seats and headed to the curb.
 This was the first of MANY marching bands we saw.
Because of TV shots, this marching band was in front of us for 30 minutes.
That's a really, really long time at a parade with two 2 year olds who could see Elmo just beyond the band.  The bright side is that Isla has decided she wants to be in a marching band.  Or is that a good thing?
 Boy were we happy to see the Budweiser crew even though
they didn't give out any beer.
 These unicycles were amazing.  
 For you HGTV fans, that's Cari Cucksey on that float.
She waived to me and blew me a kiss when I told her we loved her show.
She also follows Dave on Twitter.
No big deal, Dave's just a celebrity.
 And then the person for whom we had all been waiting
(HDK - No preposition at the end of that sentence - just for you :)
 Crackers the Clown launched a whole arm full of beads to us
 One even landed on her favorite granddaughter.
 Cruz stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
He did a lot of this.
 Crawling under really shallow places
 But made it out just fine.
 He also stood and stared out the window at Suzie's dog, Reese.
 Jan out did herself as she does every year with an amazing turkey and ham.  
We were so thankful for a fun-filled day of food and fun with the people we love.  Only one more Thanksgiving to round out the season.

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