Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quarter til Christmas

My birthday happens to be on the same day as the Autumnal Equinox (the first official day of Fall). Fall also happens to be my favorite season because I love all the colors, smells, clothes and food that are associated with it. Another reason to love fall, right after the Halloween decorations go down, the Christmas decorations go up. I love Christmas. Fortunate that we live only an hour and a half from the Christmas mecca, a/k/a Frankenmuth. Dave and I decided to go there to celebrate my birthday and to introduce Isla to the best fried chicken around. The following day, we went to Dave's parents to celebrate by eating burgers and cupcakes! It was a great weekend of eating and shopping.

Fried chicken is well worth the wait

Hoping that Isla will stay on the "nice" list for Santa

No, I didn't eat them all (but I wanted to)

My sweet cousin Katie is pregnant and due in January. The family got together to celebrate and throw a baby shower for her. We also tried to get all of the kids in a picture...only partially successful.

Katie is in the middle
Carrie (left) is due in October and Dana (right) is due in November

Isla got her second shot this past Monday. She weighed in at 13.6 pounds and screamed through the whole appointment (can't say I blame her after waiting naked in a cold room to see the doctor for 45 minutes). Isla has pretty much outgrown her bassinet forcing me to move her to her crib to spend the night all by herself. Sad for me, but she seems to be coping quite well.

Just 86 more days until Christmas...but who's counting!

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  1. I am right there with you on the love of Christmas. It is definitely my favorite time of year. :) Happy birthday to you too! Looks like you celebrated well. The picture of you and Isla is adorable. I can't believe all your sisters have or will have children much has changed in just a few years. So fun for you guys though. :) I love that my sister and I have kids together and can hang out. Glad to hear Isla is doing well in her crib too. I agree, the first couple of nights are hard, but then nice. :)