Monday, November 9, 2009

I get by with a little help from my friends

Its not too often that I get to hang out with my friends without having to time my outings around nursing (TMI?). This week was an exception. On Wednesday, the Oakland Christian School Class of 1998 (man we're old), had a small reunion at THE Dorm. In attendance physically were Erin AKA "E-Dub", Amanda AKA "Attitude" and in attendance via Skype was Amanda Muiter, AKA "Big Baby." We had a fabulous time debating which one of us should be the sacrificial lamb to stand in line at H&M when the new Jimmy Choo shoe line is released. It was so great to just sit and talk and laugh.

On Friday night, Isla and Dave spent some daddy/daughter time together while I headed to East Lansing to hang out with my sweet Rose. We had a "traditional" night as it exists between us. I arrived. Rosie had already been getting ready for 40 minutes. We ran to Forever 21 where I acted like a kid in a candy store...yes, I shop there and I intend to keep shopping there until I turn 61. We picked up our favorite dishes from Bravo and ate them. We took an additional hour and half to get ready while debating at least 10 outfits. Then, at about 11pm, we hit the town making a tour of East Lansing and downtown Lansing. We ended the night by eating frozen pizza and Cool Ranch Doritos. Aahhhh the good ole' days. You know you're getting older when people think its a phenomenon that you are married with a child and refer to you as "mama" for the rest of the night.

How did these faces not make homecoming court Senior year?

My wild Irish Rose on the far right

On Saturday, I acted as the "photographer's assistant" for Dave while he photographed my gorgeous niece and nephew. I think I might have gotten fired for doing such a poor job. Thank goodness Dave doesn't need any help to take amazing pictures.

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  1. so cute! glad you got to get away and dave's picture skills are improving by the minute! :) just hard to see a post without any isla!!