Monday, January 18, 2010


When I was growing up, I never had a lot of friends because, to be quite frank, I didn't really need any friends. I had 3 sisters, and if that wasn't enough, I had great cousins, lots of them. On the Mitzel side, I have 11 cousins. On the Geha side, I have 7 cousins. And that's just first cousins. I won't even get started on the second cousins, through-marriage and twice removed business. Isla currently has 7 cousins (first cousins that is): Bella, Ashley, Brooke, Timmy, Elijah, Vivian and Jenna. They are all really close in age, so they love being together.

We went to Grand Rapids a few weeks ago to see Jenna and Brookie. Isla LOVED playing with the girls. Matt was even gracious enough to babysit one night so me, Dana and my mom could all go out. We stayed out till 1:00 Meijer. Man, we are crazy.
Baby Jenna
Uncle Matt reading to the girls
Couldn't resist the bath time photos
Notice how Isla is sitting.
We're praying she's double jointed because that's the only way she knows how to sit.
Isla and Timmy
Dave made the custom hats
(known to others as building blocks)
...and that Duvet on the ground, well that's our "area rug"

Isla still has some catching up to do to compare to all my cousins, so thank goodness she has some great friends too!

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  1. Yeah, whew, thankful for the good friends. :) Cute post, cute cousins!!!