Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the outside

Isla has officially now lived as long outside of the womb as she did inside. Believe it or not, she turned 9 months old last Thursday. We celebrated by going to the doctor's office because she also had a cold and ear infection. She also produces enough drool to water a flower garden which apparently is a sign of teething. She has 4 teeth currently. I'm cool with her just keeping those (or maybe even losing those) and not getting any new teeth until she's done nursing...TMI, I know.
I originally had this made for her to wear as a dress in September thinking we were going to have her dedicated back in the fall. Now, 5 months later, she wears it as a shirt, and I had a new dress made for her upcoming dedication this month.
But the shoes still fit and man does she look cute.

I know her eyes are closed, but she just looks so sweet.
I would kill for her eyelashes.

She weighs 17.7 pounds, is 27 1/2 in. tall and has a 17 1/2 head circumference. The whole head circumference thing really throws me. For instance, Isla's head circumference is in the 45th percentile. Her cousin, Brooke, has a head circumference which surpasses the 100th percentile. So, I know that means Brooke has a big head, but who cares? Whenever I go to the doctor they only weigh me (which I could also do without), and maybe ask me my height (which I claim to be 5' 3"), but they never measure my head. Maybe I'll ask for a measurement next time I'm in.
She's already a better athlete than I ever was.
Dave made that onesie for her. It says "Child Please."
Apparently a famous quote from "her" favorite football player, Chad Ocho Cinco.

She continues to say "Dada" ALL THE TIME. In fact, the other day Greg and I were trying to coerce her to say "Uncle" and "Mama", respectively, to which she replied, "Dada." We get it, he's your favorite. Fine. She also says "hi" in this adorable sweet little voice, which is much different than the high pitched scream she does sometimes which is not nearly as adorable. She stands up and climbs up the stairs like a champ. We're working on her technique of coming down the stairs because right now its more like a nose dive. I still just look at her sometimes and can't believe how beautiful she is. I told her that Jesus did a really good job when he made her. I'm so glad He chose us to be her parents.


  1. She's beautiful. And that dress/shoe combination is too cute! Who is making all these adorable things for her??

  2. awesome PICTURES! She is such a gorgeous girl! Happy 9 month birthday pretty girl. :)

  3. What a great post, Christina! I love love love the pictures of Isla too. That hat and shoes and dress are so cute! She looks just like a little doll. Clare's first word was dada too. Not cool. ;) Oh, and Ben loved the whole football story and onesie. I, on the other hand had to have it explained to me. :) So, you'll have to pass that along to Dave. Miss you guys!