Friday, November 5, 2010

Down By The River

The Thornapple River that is.  We had a fall DeClOomaWicz get together to celebrate Mark, Dave and Kaiya's birthdays.  We wanted to take advantage of the fall colors and Captain DeKorne was kind enough to take us on a color tour not only on his lovely ship, but also in an RV that one of his family members let him borrow for the weekend.  More about the RV here, but see below for some of the beauty of the Thornapple.

Embarrassing as it is, this is one of our only family photos.

Nope, Greg and Megan are not a couple, but they photograph together quite nicely.
However, Megan and Diet Coke are still going strong.

Just 3 cute little ladies

Check out the kids in this great family photo.
Photographer's assistants are hard to come by.

To celebrate the birthdays, we found some poor soul to babysit all four children while we took the RV to a fine dining establishment in Grand Rapids.  What can I say, we travel in style (and we didn't want to be bothered with moving multiple car seats.)
 Even Breid made it out for the celebration.
(Brittany + Reid = Breid)

We all had a sleepover Saturday night and woke up to Heidi's famous sticky buns on Sunday morning.  We had dolma and hummus for "supper" (a concept I will never fully grasp), and enjoyed watching football the rest of the afternoon.  It was topped off by Heidi's homemade brownie fudge sundaes.  I mean, what's better than a sundae on a Sunday?....  Being with your besties eating sundaes on a Sunday.


  1. I love that picture of your family. Just adorable! You look so great, by the way....but you always do, so that's nothing new. Looks like a great weekend together. You all always have so much fun together. :) Miss Isla is growing up so quickly. What a doll. :)

  2. you're turning into a blogging machine! woo hoo! love the pictures of dean, gregan, and breid. you are the cutest family ever!