Monday, November 22, 2010

A Tribute to the Fall

Well, the Christmas tree is up and we are celebrating Thanksgiving this week!  Where does the time go?
Before the Holidaze puts me even more behind on my blogging, I thought I'd post a few pics of our Super Girl.

 She was Supergirl for Halloween.  
Now she hugs and kisses Superman before she goes to sleep every night.
 I love these pictures because this is how she looks most of the time.
A little disheveled, but so sweet.

 Does it look like her mouth is full?
It is.  Getting cute pics of her in the leaves = feeding her a lot of animal crackers.

Farewell fall.  Snow is in the forecast this week and we can't wait for CHRISTmas!


  1. First off, I can't believe you have snow in the forecast's so crazy how fast the fall season goes. Secondly, your sweet little girl is adorable. I love her supergirl costume and the pics of her with superman. :) I'm glad to hear you have your tree up too. So do we! :) Anyway, we miss you guys and are so thankful for you too.

  2. I just realized I never commented on SuperWoman. My most sincere apologies. SUCH cute pictures. SUCH a cute 18 month old! Love her! And you. :)