Monday, November 1, 2010

How Can We Be Cousins If We Can't Be Friends

I know I tend to brag about my relationship with my cousins and my friends (and my cousins who happen to also be some of my best friends), but its really the greatest blessing I think anyone could ever have.  Isla has great cousins and great friends (who are like cousins to her.)  A few weekends ago, her Grand Rapids cousins and friends came to visit her.  She had a blast.

Isla started cleaning in preparation
 Brooke and Ava became best friends in about 5 minutes
 Couldn't you just eat her up?
Baby Jenna will be 1 so soon.
 The farm across the street is pretty much the best thing you could ask for in a neighborhood with young kids.  Its clean, you can walk there, its free, and it provides endless entertainment.
They even had pumpkins!

 The kids spent the whole weekend playing.

They played at the playground
 They went for walks
 They enjoyed a good game of bags during halftime of the football game
 and of course bubbles.

On Saturday night, Isla and I headed to headed to her cousin Abigail's birthday party.
We went on a "hay wide" got some cute shots.

  Thanks for the good times.

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  1. really cute pictures! and cousins! and friends! and sisters!