Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fall Birthday Weekend

I've said it before and I'll say it again. We like to party.  Or at least I think we do.  We celebrate everyone's birthday, every year.  The fall is particularly busy with birthdays:  me, mom, Vicki, Grandma Violet, Matt, Dad, Dave, and, now, Julianna.  The fall is starting to give May Mayhem a run for its money.  We celebrated most of the birthdays on a beautiful fall day at the beginning of October.  The Geha's even came to town from Arizona and Nebraska so we could meet their new little ones.

Here is the obligatory try to get all the kids together for a picture, picture.
Brookie took care of the out-of-town babies, Kaylee and Violet
 Timmy takes the cake for cutest big brother
 Dr. Geha (Andrew that is) with his sweet baby Violet (on the left) 
They named her after my grandma Violet
2 Violet Gehas in the world.
What a blessing.
 Fall is my favorite for so many reasons. 
The smiling faces of these cuties playing outside is only one of them.

 I mean, I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I think Dave is model material
 And when you thought it couldn't get cuter
 We went to Long's Orchard for some harvest fun

 My favorite thing about this picture is the little girl at the bottom
...and Melanie's facial expression.
 My sweet daddy with Cruz

 We really tried to get a cute picture of the kids with my dad
Poor Jenna

Until the next party....
(which was the next day when Greg and Chandler got engaged!)

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  1. Great post and pictures Nin! I love all of Cruzers chins!