Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Riebel Visit

Our sweet friends the Riebels came to visit us last month.  They have 3 boys (all born in March) and are a pretty stellar looking family.  We decided to head out to a local fair to exhaust some energy before Dave, Austin and Kyle went to a Tiger game and left Amy and I  to man the children.  2 hours and $50 later, we came home from the fair with a few parachute soldiers.  

Don't worry, he's not throwing the kids over
 No, really, he's not.
 The next day we headed to the farm across the street.
The best entertainment in town.  Cost: Free.
You should come visit some time.

Luke's killer smile
 Joey (who shares a birthday with Cruz) pulling the toddlers
Gorgeous Johnny
His hair is amazing.  It requires more conditioner than mine.

 The snake in Luke's mouth was also a prize from the fair.

My sweet friend Amy.
The brave mother of the 3 boys.
My Arab buddy (We're both just half, but still embrace the ethnicity)
We like all the same foods, and, therefore, 
we love to cook and eat with each other.
And maybe drink some wine.

Thanks for coming to visit us friends!  We love you.

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