Monday, October 19, 2009

3, 2 and under

The 3 Amigos

The happy couple

Totally thrilled about having waffles (again)
...and who knew Kaiya was a Spartan?

Cute lil pumpkin Kaiya

Devout Sesame Street Fan, Ava

This weekend the DeKorne girls (and Sheriff) came to spend the weekend at THE Dorm. We pretty much just hung out for the weekend and ate waffles. I think we had waffles 7 different times over the weekend, and each time, they were still really good.

Sunday was a particularly busy day at THE Dorm. We didn't make it to church because it was impossible to fit three car seats in the back of the H3 (its not as big as it may seem) and the Pee Pee Jeep was broke down (although she's back up and running now...Thank you, Lord.) We had waffles for breakfast (obviously), then had a mini photo shoot with Ava and Kaiya during Isla's nap. Football started at noon and so did the guests. Theo Kyriakos arrived first to watch football. Then Wuzzle, Michelle and Justin showed up for their engagement pictures (Michelle and Justin were being photographed, just for clarification.) The Brunetts came to get a tour, and last, but certainly not least, Mama Heidi got home. I made her a waffle upon her arrival because, well, she was hungry, and we had waffles on special this weekend.

It was quite the busy day. After the girls left, we headed out to Erwin Orchards to take in some more cider and donuts. Isla seemed to like the animals and was such a champ while we waited in line for 30 minutes for cider and donuts. We then headed to cousin Abigail's birthday party in Royal Oak. We were there for a shorter time than it took us to drive there. However, we can't really complain too much because after sitting in non-stop traffic for 3 hours and not even making it to Novi, the DeKorne girls ended up coming back to THE Dorm for popcorn night. We were lucky we avoided the detour, which apparently just leads right back to THE Dorm.

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  1. WOW! Great post. I appreciate the waffles, and the free stay at the inn after you thought you had gotten rid of us! Love those 3 sweet girls.. can't thank you enough for your loving care of our girlies. :)