Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Weather Is Here

And it sure is beautiful. I love the fall so much. Not only because of all the amazing colors, but also because there is always an excuse to eat donuts and drink cider. We hoped to go to the apple orchard while we were in Grand Rapids over the weekend, but it just didn't work out. Going to the orchard was one of my favorite things when I was a kid, and its still one of my favorite places to go. Poppy wanted to take the grandkids to Blake's for their first big trip, but we decided to compromise and go to Franklin Cider Mill (which is only 20 minutes away rather than an hour and 20 minutes to Blake's.)

Wonder where she get's her baby blues

U pick em

We also celebrated Dave's birthday on Wednesday by going to Sagebrush and overeating Mexican food. Its about a 40 minute drive there, but the food is totally worth it. I bought Dave a belgian waffle maker for his birthday. I would have posted pictures of the waffles, but we ate them all. Happy Birthday honey. You're the hottest 31 year old ever!
Thirty.................. One


  1. really cute orchard pictures!!! sorry you didn't get your orchard dreams fulfilled. :( happy birthday big dave! certainly our favorite 31 year old right now, too. yippee!

  2. A trip to the apple orchard is always so much fun! We didn't do it too much growing up, but it's definitely made the annual list now that I have my own family. :) Isla is just a doll and I love her little fall outfit--so comfy. Happy belated bday to Dave too...sounds like you had fun!